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Inspired leaders, inspired organizations


When leaders struggle to find alignment between values and action, both organizational development and collaboration among individuals are at stake.
Organizations ask for the best from ‘their’ people, yet obtaining it requires skills that go beyond techniques and the coercive use of power. Individuals cannot be controlled, only influenced and inspired. Motivation comes from within.

When to get things done, leaders use their power coercively, over time demotivation, dissatisfaction, disengagement, and conflicts emerge. Eventually, individuals reduce their loyalty to the organization and decide to leave. This is a tragic event for both the individuals and the organization. A great wealth of knowledge is lost, and it can affect both organizational performance and growth.


Inspired Leaders, Inspired Organizations (*) is designed for the leaders who want to stand out for their capacity to inspire their people. The blend of training modules is specifically thought to develop skills that allow you to develop quality relationship with your co-workers. You will learn how leadership can be truly inspirational when there is trust.

You will also discover how talent and inner motivation emerges when you use your power to build team cohesiveness, and you use a language that connects and engages those you work with. So you start spending your efforts creating a quality environment where people want to stay and contribute their best effort, time and time again, helping your organization achieve its most critical priorities.

Inspired Leaders, Inspired Organizations Programme Overview

Our programme starts with a workshop, and is followed by coaching.
Your leaders attending this programme will learn how to:

  • Enhance communication among team members by learning to listen actively and to focus on every parties’ perspectives and needs; to choose to respond instead of reacting to uncomfortable statements; and to be open to explore new solutions.
  • Use power to inspire collaboration and trust by learning how to mobilize resources in ways that inspire full commitment and buy-in.
  • Increase team-spirit and cohesiveness, by learning the dynamics of team development, and how to access and manage the resources and the individual talents available within their teams.

Our trainings take a principle-based approach and are fully based on adult learning principles in developing those skills. Learning is highly experiential, and full participation and active contribution from participants is required. Our coaching programme includes two options: we may work with the whole team or on one-to-one basis.

Delivery options

Our programme Inspired Leaders, Inspired Organizations consists of 20 hours of instructor-led training followed by individual coaching.

Workshop (Instructor-led training)

  • Day 1: Enhance communication among team members
  • Day 2: Use power to inspire collaboration and trust
  • Day 3: Increase team-spirit and cohesiveness

The program can be delivered in three consecutive days or in three days over time.


  • 8 individual coaching sessions (over the phone, each 60 minutes long, to be taken within maximum six months)

What you get

  1. A pre-workshop Fact-Finding Checklist
  2. Three days of a fully engaging training experience
  3. Training-book for each participant
  4. Five weekly post-workshop e-mails with key learning points to maintain awareness and inspire application
  5. Eight individual coaching sessions with one of our ICF Credentialed Coaches


Exclusive training in your organization. Email or Call +90-538-561-4147 for pricing.

* This program has been developed in cooperation with Metin Reyna.



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