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‘Performing organizations’ means, after all, ‘performing individuals’. To perform, individuals must do their best. That is only possible when they are at their best.
Paradoxically, in a globalizing world that is connected 24/7 at the speed of light, organizations are faced with what has been defined the ‘Age of Isolation’, with chronic challenges towards achieving enduring performance: establish connection and engagement, build sense of belonging, build an ethos of collaboration, inspire trust, guarantee emotional safety, master inclusion.

If such challenges are not tackled successfully, the result is that a wealth of individuals’ resources remains untouched, and talent won’t emerge. To rise above these potentially paralyzing issues leaders that desire change must shift their language, inspire trust, build a consciousness of relatedness for themselves and others, and treat individuals as ‘whole people’, where both minds and hearts are equally valued and addressed.


The CCM Modular Program is thought to provide the inspired managers a new mind-set, the skills, and the tools for leading individuals that thrive in ‘living organizations’. With its ten stand-alone training and development modules, the training provides plenty of development opportunities that can be immediately put into practice, to create a quality of work environment that addresses the needs of the thriving worker.

About the course

Modules can be taken separately to address specific learning needs, or can be combined to have a comprehensive learning experience. The impact of two or three days of Giuseppe Totino training programs on individual effectiveness is profound. As time is a scarce resource for many leaders, The CCM Modular Program gives flexibility and freedom of learning pace, and allows to focus on one specific development area, a half day at a time.

Based on adult learning principles, The CCM Modular Program includes the following instructor-led training modules:

  1. Power and Empowerment
  2. Inspiring trust
  3. Leading across diverse working cultures
  4. Handling anger
  5. Communication skills foundations
  6. Boost your listening skills
  7. Decision-making skills for teams and groups
  8. Giving and receiving feedback that matters
  9. Strengthen client relations (to be launched soon)
  10. Personal strengths and values (to be launched soon)

Length of the training

The CCM Modular Program includes ten four-hour modules, led by an instructor, which participants can schedule according to their needs.

Delivery options

On-site training in your organization.

What you get

  1. Participant training-book
  2. Implementation hand-book


Exclusive training in your organization. E-mail or Call +90-538-561-4147 for pricing.


Key competencies you can improve attending The Communication and Conflict Management Modular Training Program include:

Modules Competencies
Power and Empowerment Learn to use power in forms that increases motivation, boost productivity, and allows to achieve unprecedented results.

  • Inspire collaboration and full commitment
  • Empower team members
  • Maintain connection with team members even when in disagreement
  • Access and mobilize the full potential of team resources
Inspiring trust Learn to inspire trust to get full support and increase productivity

  • Increase personal credibility
  • Increase clarity of communication
  • Learn skills to stay in dialogue and maintain connection even in difficult conversations
  • Set ‘trust objectives’
Leading across diverse working cultures Learn to co-habit in diverse work environments

  • Understand how cultural differences may affect the workplace
  • Learn how to approach cultural diversity
  • Avoid stereotyping
  • Use dialogue as a tool to overcome challenges
Handling anger Transform anger in a tool for action and connection

  • Understand why we get angry
  • Express anger fully without being offensive to others
  • Learn to receive others with care and attention even when angry
  • Negotiate healthy and mutually satisfying solutions
Communication skills foundations Identify and use the four key components of collaborative communication

  • Learn to engage with clarity into conversations
  • Understand the role of language to improve trust, and influence with staff, peers and superiors
  • Identify and use the four key components of collaborative communication
  • Connect to yourself and to others consciously and meaningfully
Boost your listening skills Get the skills to avoid conflicts that derive from poor listening skills

  • Increase your listening skills
  • Learn what to listen for
  • Boost individuals’ morale, and willingness to support
  • Learn what to listen for, and how to refuse to listen in ways that maintain connection and engagement with individuals you work with

Learn to co-habit in diverse work environments

  • Understand how cultural differences may affect the workplace
  • Learn how to approach cultural diversity
  • Avoid stereotyping
  • Use dialogue as a tool to overcome challenges
Decision-making skills for teams and groups Lead decision-making processes that inspire contribution, cooperation, and engagement

  • Reduce the number of meetings and time for making decisions
  • Build cohesiveness, inspire collaboration, motivation and buy-ins
  • Maximize efficiency of use of organization resources
  • Learn how to bypass roadblocks in reaching decision
Giving and receiving feedback that matters
Conduct a “Feedback conversation” with clarity, for improving engagement and moving others into action

  • Understand why Feedback is important, what makes it hard, and when to offer it
  • Identify and focus on the most important things when giving a Feedback
  • Use Feedback as a form to connect and to improve the quality of relations at work
  • Get the means to receive the other party’s response to Feedback, to make effective use of time, and to maintain focus on a strategy for change
  • Learn how to seek for meaningful Feedback from others
  • Learn how to cultivate a learning culture into their organizations
Strengthen client relations To be launched soon

Personal strengths and values

To be launched soon

Customize your learning with the Modular System

At Giuseppe Totino we recognize that your organization is unique, and so are your learning needs. To support this vision, we have thought our training programs with the intention to allow you to receive unique solutions, to address exactly what you need.


The CCM Modular Training Program is a fully customizable training experience.

Customization can take many forms:

1. Create your unique learning program

  • Modules can be taken as stand alone, or can be combined to create learning programs that address your specific learning needs.

2. Enhance content of training material

  • Add exercises or graphics, modify examples, adapt case studies, and application materials.
  • Create and modify Presentation slides.

3. Add to what you already have

  • Create new content, or combine it with your own corporate training content to address your unique organization and culture.



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