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Leading across diverse working cultures


Can your leaders lead across diverse working cultures? Each individual is a culture! When diversity is confronted with fears, stereotyping, and lack of curiosity, the focus is no longer on building connection and dialogue. The way diversity is embraced may lead to opportunities or can create misunderstandings, stereotypes, and conflicts.

Leaders need curiosity to explore diversity as a source of new possibilities, of stimulus for creativity and source of innovation. So a huge potential for growth is there to explore. Leaders that are able to see opportunities and not threats in diversity, may gain a competitive advantage that can hardly be closed up by competitors, for it is linked to the unique and irreplaceable talent of those they work with.


Giuseppe Totino Leading across diverse working cultures gives managers the skills to tap into diversity and the unique contributions that can stem from each co-worker.

Those attending this workshop will deepen their understanding of cultural differences. They will recognize the opportunities for growth that lie when differences are used to find more creative solutions to problems. They will seek dialogue to build connection, and as a way to give and receive understanding, even when in disagreement. This way, they will go beyond stereotypes, and will give team members support and will receive their highest and best contributions.

About the course

Leading across diverse working cultures is more than the typical awareness program. Participants attending this workshop will:

  • Gain an understanding of how cultural differences may affect today‚Äôs workplace.
  • Learn why the typical approaches to diversity cannot work.
  • Discover how stereotyping hinders communication and engagement.
  • Use dialogue even in challenging moments.
  • Lear to co-habit in diverse work environments.

Length of the training

Four-hours workshop.

Delivery options

On-site training in your organization.

What you get

1- Participant training-book
2- Implementation hand-book


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