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Inspiring trust


As Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi writes, ‘Perhaps the most often mentioned trait of a healthy organization is communication based on trust’. When individuals are treated in forms that do not inspire trust, productivity is seriously put at stake. Lack of trust creates suspicion, defensiveness, demotivation, and disconnection. So managers need to work harder to get the support they need to obtain results.

Another key obstacle in inspiring trust is when leaders do not have a clear purpose for the kind of relationship they want to establish. When that happens, managers rely on counterproductive practices like manipulation, and a language that prevents dialogue and openness from others. Only when individuals trust each other, and are regarded as trustworthy by others, communication improves, and productivity accelerates as the focus is redirected towards team objectives.


Inspiring trust is for executives and managers involved in team building and collaboration tasks. Participants are able to identify their ‘trust gaps’ and tackle them so as to increase their own personal credibility, clarity of communication, and cooperation. Emphasis is given to the importance of building quality relationship, as well as creating and staying in dialogue as forms of building trust, and ultimately contribute to building an healthy organization.

By using examples from current work, and real-world issues participants discover how to use a language that is clear and that stimulates willingness to collaborate. They are inspired to communicate in forms that engage others who depend on their work, engage in negotiations openly, build team cohesiveness, trust, and more.

About the course

Inspiring trust workshop is designed to help executives and managers:

  • Increase personal credibility.
  • Increase clarity of communication.
  • Get the skills and a language to stay in dialogue, to help maintaining connection, and that inspire trust.
  • Set clear objectives for the relationships with people they work with, to increase trust, openness, engagement, creativity, and commitment to achieving results.

Length of the training

One-day or two half-day workshop.

Delivery options

On-site training in your organization.

What you get

  1. Participant training-book
  2. Implementation hand-book


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"I'd rather lose money, but not the trust on my neighbour"

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