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Handling anger


Sometimes, angry feelings can become overwhelming and can be difficult to handle. Leaders may start to feel out of control, or find it difficult to concentrate on their work, or can say or do something they regret later. This way it is easy to damage very quickly relations with colleagues and clients, build with care and effort over long time.  Unfortunately, without a clear knowledge of how to handle anger, personal health and productivity is a high price leaders pay.


Giuseppe Totino’s Handling anger – a four-hour instructor-led program – has been designed to give participants a profound understanding of the source and the reason for getting angry feelings.
But participants will understand not only the source of angry feelings, they will also learn how to express anger fully, and to keep effective communication skills while feeling angry, to reach mutually satisfying solutions. Effective communication is a key ingredient in managing anger and stress. It also helps yield greater personal productivity and maintaining strong relationships with colleagues and clients, even when challenged by anger.

About the course

Leaders who implement the steps and skills of the Handling anger program will gain:

  • The skills to transform anger in a tool for action and connection.
  • An understanding of what is going on within them when they are angry.
  • The ability to express their anger with words and actions that are not offensive to others.
  • The skills to receive the other party’s response with attention and care.
  • The means to respond to ‘counter-attacks’.
  • The tools to negotiate healthy, and mutually satisfying solutions.

Length of the training

Four hours

Delivery options

On-site training in your organization.

What you get

1- Participant training-book
2- Implementation hand-book


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