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Giving and receiving feedback that matters


Feedback is a key tool for growth and learning. Yet when tainted with criticism, judgement, or the giver’s personal upset the receiver is strained to hear the feedback. Unfortunately, in such cases, a lot of energy is rather put in defensiveness. In other cases, the receiver submits to ‘negative’ feedback and takes the blame passively. In either case, Feedback becomes meaningless, for little learning takes place, neither for the receiver nor for the giver.

So, even when armed with the best intentions, Feedback, especially when given in performance reviews, generates insecurity, disconnection, sense of uselessness. Honest communication is replaced by role-plays. Overcoming such patterns is difficult, and opportunities for growth are missed. As a result, relationships on the workplace suffer from lack of trust, engagement, and motivation. This is most common when the giver, and the receiver are not open to disagreement as an opportunity for learning, or do not share the same purpose for the Feedback.


Feedback that matters is a highly interactive and experiential workshop that engages participants at all levels in shifting the paradigm around Feedback. It is designed to make the learning practical and immediately applicable in your organization. Away from praise and appreciation, participants will learn the seven key components of Feedback that is supportive and meaningful, for both givers and receivers. They will also learn how Feedback is a key tool to create thriving organizations.

About the course

Much more than a typical awareness program, participants in the Feedback that matters program will:

  • Understand why Feedback is important, what makes it hard, and when to offer it.
  • Learn how to identify and focus on the most important things when giving a Feedback.
  • Discover how to conduct a “Feedback conversation” with clarity, for improving engagement and moving others into action.
  • Gain the skills to use Feedback as a form to connect and to improve the quality of relations at work.
  • Get the means to receive the other party’s response to Feedback, to make effective use of time, and to maintain focus on a strategy for change .
  • Learn how to seek for meaningful Feedback from others.
  • Learn how to cultivate a learning culture into their organizations.

Length of the training

Four hours

Delivery options

On-site training in your organization.

What you get

  1. Participant training-book
  2. Implementation hand-book


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"Feedback systems, if properly managed, lead to self-awareness that makes human experience resonant."

(A. Watts - British philosopher, writer, and speaker)