Communication & Conflict Management Skills

Communication skills foundations


‘What we say next can change our world!’. When individuals are unaware of, or simply forget, the power associated with what they say, a high price is paid in terms of clarity, connection, and ultimately personal and business effectiveness.

Verbal communication mastery requires a strong will to connect with one’s self, with what one is experiencing in each moment, and an ability to articulate it with clear messages to others. It also requires the will and the ability to connect to what those we communicate with are experiencing as a consequence of what we say. Only those who reach this mastery can confidently inspire trust, build engaging connections, influence others without manipulation, and ultimately be leaders that inspire and move people into action.

Additionally, the quality of relationship built in this way sets the safe ground against mass exodus of experienced leadership, or promising talents, and to retain vital institutional knowledge. Plus it attracts promising employees. Hence, it secures performance over time.


Giuseppe Totino Communication skills foundations gives managers the skills to advance communication and connection with co-workers. Participants will learn to engage with clarity into conversations, to improve trust and influence with staff, peers and superiors. They will also learn how to find the human connection with the people they work with, to stand up for what they believe in, and at the same time be open to the people who are holding some different views, or different behaviours, or do things they do not like.

About the course

As the result of attending the Communication skills foundations workshop people will be able to:

  • Use the “whole-person paradigm” to tap into others’ full creative potential
  • Understand the role of language
  • Choose a communication style that best serves their true intentions
  • Identify and use the four key components of collaborative communication
  • To connect to themselves and to others consciously and meaningfully

Length of the training

One-day or two half-day workshop.

Delivery options

On-site training in your organization.

What you get

  1. Participant training-book
  2. Implementation hand-book


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