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Boost your listening skills


How much is your organization paying for low listening skills of your people? One key reason for reducing willingness to contribute and support, is when individuals sense that they are not heard, and start to believe that they do not matter! This reduces motivation, commitment, and creativity. Disengagement slows productivity and fuels frustration.

In some cases, listening may be particularly challenging when in disagreement! In such cases discussion may escalate, and conflicts may arise. This happens particularly when, rather than seeking connection, the focus is on convincing someone that one is right and they are wrong. Eventually one may decide to resolve the discussion by exercising any power difference that is available. ‘Shutting ups’ generates even more resentment, and lower willingness to cooperate, creativity, and results are affected.


Boost your listening skills is a powerful program to give a competitive edge to those who want to get the most out of their people. You will get a clear understanding of your listening purpose. You will also learn key listening skills, and tools to allow you to listen powerfully.  As you develop your skills, you will acquire additional ability to listen for what is not being said, and to handle situations when you are not willing to listen in ways that keep quality connection, engagement, and inclusion. So that both willingness to collaborate and productivity are unaffected!

About the course

As the result of attending the Boost your listening skills workshop you will:

  • Understand why listening skills are key to boost individuals’ morale, and willingness to support.
  • Increase your listening skills.
  • Learn what to listen for, and how to refuse to listen in ways that maintain connection and engagement with individuals you work with.
  • Get the skills to avoid conflicts that derive from poor listening skills.

Length of the training

Four-hours workshop.

Delivery options

On-site training in your organization.

What you get

1- Participant training-book
2- Implementation hand-book


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"No one would talk much in society if they knew how often they misunderstood others."