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Coach your team for performance


Getting the job done is leaders’ number one headache. But this task can optimally be achieved only if team leaders have equal focus on task performance as well as on developing their people. These two functions are strongly combined when coaching is used as the management style.

So only when team leaders manage by coaching jobs get done well, productivity is high, and team develops at the same time.


Giuseppe Totino’s Coach your team for performance is more than just a training workshop. By using examples from current work, and real-world issues team leaders learn how to use coaching skills and techniques to develop effective, high performing teams.

Practice coaching sessions demonstrate how coaching skills and techniques can be used to inspire team members, build awareness, and motivate them for action. The more aware a team is both individually and collectively, the better it will perform. Team coaching for performance can be used to either tackle new tasks or to review past performance of a task.

About the course

At this highly interactive workshop, learning is experiential, and full participation and active contribution from participants is required.

The training is designed to allow plenty of coaching practice. Team coaching sessions are organized to allow an immediate practice of the skills, the tools, and the techniques learnt. After attending Giuseppe Totino’s Coach your team for performance workshop people will be able to:

  • Understand the qualities of high performing teams
  • Distinguish coaching for new tasks Vs. Team debriefing
  • Ask powerful questions to team members.
  • Use the GROW coaching model and apply for task performance coaching.
  • Coach for reviewing past performance of tasks
  • Deal with team members’ expectations

Pre-requisite to the course

Having attended a foundation course on Coaching skills.

Length of the training

One-day workshop.

Delivery options

On-site training in your organization.

What you get

  1. Participant training-book
  2. Implementation hand-book


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