Our Facilitation Services

Group and team facilitations

Why hiring us

Through the facilitation process and guidance, and in collaboration with organizational leaders, we support groups and teams finding strategic alignment, discover shared values and common needs. We then stimulate their creativity to transform conflicts, confusion, or uncertainty into innovative strategies that address all needs.

With Group and Team facilitation services you will

  • Achieve strategic alignment;
  • Understand and make decisions to accomplish a mission with more ease;
  • Build trust to enable actions and behaviours that are important to achieve success;
  • Resolve live conflicts within the organization;
  • Adopt and apply collaborative decision-making;
  • Increase mutual understanding for effective collaboration in cross-functional groups with multiple stakeholders;
    Operate more effectively;
  • In situations of doubts, confusion, or conflicts, achieve clarity about, hear, and connect with what’s important to the group or the team members; and find ways of focusing on outcomes and decisions that support everyone and the organization as a whole.

Frequency and duration of the programs

Each facilitation project is designed around meeting the objectives. Processes, methods and tools vary for each project and so does duration. On some occasion, a few hours facilitation may suffice. On other occasions facilitation may extend over a few days.

Delivery options

Normally face-to-face. On specific circumstances, a phone/skype delivery may be considered.

How it works

Please read ‘How we facilitate’ to learn more about how we work towards a Facilitation engagement.

Pricing & Info

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"A coach is not a facilitator. Facilitators work with groups to help them make a decision. An ideal facilitator helps the process, but stays out of it, seldom making suggestions. Once the group has come to a decision or consensus, the facilitator's job is done. The word comes from Latin, meaning 'someone who makes it easy'. A coach is more likely to work one-to-one (which a facilitator never does), and also a coach will bring far more of his or her own personality into the coaching."

(From the book 'How Coaching Works')