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Team coaching

Why team coaching

When we coach a team, we partner with both team leaders and team members to help them reach and exploit the team’s full potential.

In collaboration with organizational leaders we first identify the scope of our work. We then facilitate the team to discover and clarify their goals,  roles, aspiration, and strengths. As the team’s coach, Giuseppe supports everyone in achieving clarity about what’s important to them and articulating it; hearing and connecting to what is important to others and, in this way, build connections, and find and follow a shared direction.

Giuseppe’s focus is on facilitating team members’ identifying what is meaningful for everyone, so that each team member is motivated to engage, and willing to take actions in support of what is important to them individually, to the team, and to the organization as a whole.

Giuseppe, through key focal questions, empathic listening, focus on the whole, and within the safety and trust of the coaching relationship, allows teams to increase self-confidence, and to embrace and explore new possibilities.  So team advancement and innovations are possible and take the form of addressing all needs.

With team coaching your team will

  • Define a team vision/purpose
  • Achieve clarity on team goals and priorities
  • Clarify roles, aspirations, and members’ strengths
  • Boost communication among team members
  • Identify and follow a shared direction
  • Hone collaborative decision-making
  • Build win-win agreements everybody is happy with and that support the organization as a whole
  • Increase team members’ engagement and collaboration
  • Build relationships
  • Optimize team performance
  • Increase team self-confidence
  • Learn new skills for shared leadership that foster innovation, performance, and individual satisfaction
  • Transform conflicts, confusion, or uncertainty into creative strategies that address all needs.

How it works

Please read the Program overview to learn more about how the Team Coaching Process works.

Frequency and length of sessions & Duration of the program

After the first session (usually face-to-face), frequency of sessions may be once, or twice each month or each quarter.
Team coaching sessions may last from one hour up to half a day.

Optional coaching for team leaders or team members are possible once the program is begun.

Typical contracts are for six months. Actual duration of the coaching program depends on individual circumstances, and cancellation policies apply.

Please read the Policies document for more information.

Delivery options

Face-to-face or by phone/skype.

What you get

  1. 12+ coaching sessions with ICF Credentialed Coach Giuseppe Totino
  2. Coaching notes
  3. A rich and comprehensive set of resources, selected according to specific requirements.

Pricing & Info

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