CCM for MBA students

Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University, based in Istanbul, provides higher eduction, both in Turkish and English.

CCM for MBA students

Since May 2010, students taking the MBA program at Yeditepe University have the possibility to register for the Communication and Conflict Management (CCM) Course.
An average of 20 students are taking the course each term. Their background is varied, mostly working in corporations.

This course is strongly based on the principles of Conscious and Collaborative Communication (NVC).

Examples of what students learn are:

  • Listen to themselves and to others more deeply
  • Engage in conversation with empathy, without giving up on what they believe in
  • Develop the skills to take decision in teams quickly, and in forms that engage everyone involved.
  • Express their anger fully, while staying connected to themselves and to others
  • Give and receive meaningful feedback
  • Use a language that defuse conflicts
  • Handle difficult conversations by focusing on both parties’ perspectives and needs, and arriving to solutions that are possible for everyone to take

Some students’ comments

This course was really enjoyable, and I am fully satisfied with it. I am so happy that I have taken this course. It is the best I’ve taken in all my life. Giuseppe, you were not a teacher for me, you were like a life-coach to me !
(Aydinnur Kilic)

Written practise exercises supported my learning very well; with the help of them I had chance to think on and go back and practice with my real life examples.
(Özgecan Yaşat)

Our class discussions and case studies helped me a lot to understand, because we discussed real life cases!
(Bülent Velioğlu)

It is the most difficult course I have taken in my life!
(Mehmet Ali Comak)

Our class communication practices were very good. I never shared my opinion so much in any other class during my entire school life. That is very beneficial to our speaking and expressing capability in English, too.
(Davut Demirkol)

I really like the way in which Giuseppe teaches. We practiced a lot and he gave us notes and tip that were easy to understand. This was very important for me. Because having that kind of course in another language is difficult. Giuseppe taught me well such a kind of difficult topic.
(Bariş Berksun)