CCM for Management Undergraduate Students

Sabancı University

Owned by the Sabancı Group, Sabancı University is a “world university” led by the Sabancı Foundation. Based in Istanbul, the University provides both undergraduate and post-graduate programs.

The University aspires to develop students who are competent and confident individuals, infused with a strong sense of responsibility for social change and through participatory teamwork, contribute to the development of science and technology created for the benefit of the community.

CCM for Undergraduate students

On the Summer 2011 Sabancı University Students attending the Faculty of Management undergraduate programs have the possibility to elect CCM as a credit course. 24 students registered to attend the first edition of the course.

This course is strongly based on the principles of Conscious and Collaborative Communication (NVC).

Examples of what students learn are:

  • Listen to themselves and to others more deeply
  • Engage in conversation with empathy, without giving up on what they believe in
  • Develop the skills to take decision in teams quickly, and in forms that engage everyone involved.
  • Express their anger fully, while staying connected to themselves and to others
  • Give and receive meaningful feedback
  • Use a language that defuse conflicts
  • Handle difficult conversations by focusing on both parties’ perspectives and needs, and arriving to solutions that are possible for everyone to take